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  1. Don't agree: I just want notebooks to display in the order I want them to, each time I open the desktop application. This doesn't sound like a mess and has nothing to do with the search functions, which operate over the content. I want to tweak the display, not the content...
  2. Hi Franck, I don't understand the tweak you're talking about... What is need is pretty simple: I open notebook A, which is sorted by title/straight, then I switch to notebook B which displays sorted by update date/reverse. Unfortunately, today, Evernote only allows one sort option for all notebooks. Even Windows file explorer allows for custom sorting options on different folders, therefore I'm expecting Evernote to propose this feature... Thanks to all for your feedback.
  3. This is exactly why I think we should be able to sort each and every notebook with its own rules. Some would like to sort alphabetically, some by date, some by reverse date... and change their preferences from notebook to notebook! ;-)
  4. Hi all, There's a feature I terribly miss in Evernote: I need to sort each and every notebook using different rules from its neighbour. Some notebooks could then be sorted by reverse update date, some by title, some by reverse title, etc. Don't think there's any technical issue there, so please, when will upgrade the tool with this feature? Thanks a lot for reading!
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