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  1. Don't agree: I just want notebooks to display in the order I want them to, each time I open the desktop application. This doesn't sound like a mess and has nothing to do with the search functions, which operate over the content. I want to tweak the display, not the content...
  2. Hi Franck, I don't understand the tweak you're talking about... What is need is pretty simple: I open notebook A, which is sorted by title/straight, then I switch to notebook B which displays sorted by update date/reverse. Unfortunately, today, Evernote only allows one sort option for all notebooks. Even Windows file explorer allows for custom sorting options on different folders, therefore I'm expecting Evernote to propose this feature... Thanks to all for your feedback.
  3. This is exactly why I think we should be able to sort each and every notebook with its own rules. Some would like to sort alphabetically, some by date, some by reverse date... and change their preferences from notebook to notebook! ;-)
  4. Hi all, There's a feature I terribly miss in Evernote: I need to sort each and every notebook using different rules from its neighbour. Some notebooks could then be sorted by reverse update date, some by title, some by reverse title, etc. Don't think there's any technical issue there, so please, when will upgrade the tool with this feature? Thanks a lot for reading!
  5. Thanks a lot ! I'll try and come back to you soon...
  6. Fine! The Egretlist application could actually do the trick, but I need an Android version... :-( This will probably end up with a auxiliary app... Thanks anyway to all of you for the help!
  7. Hi Mike, As explained before, I just want to create lists, the first one (for trial) is my DIY shopping list, which is 25 items. This is what I did, but the final list looks ugly... Keep in mind this is my first attempt to import a list into Evernote, other lists may contain tens of items, entering them again would really be a pain... Yes, full Office 2007. Would like to get an editable table, which I could sort by name/category/etc. instead of a static piece of text with checkboxes... Ticking the checkbox should grey out the related line or delete it after confirmation. Standard list manager style, see attached file. I don't use the word "note", what I need is (multiple) "lists": food, DYI, todo, etc. Everything should be displayed as list, with a checkbox to clear out any entry in the list (done/purchased/saved...). Is there any chance to use Evernote for this or should I just buy an Upvise license? Thanks for your help!
  8. Hi Mike, The file structure is really straightforward: 6 columns x 25 lines, raw text only, no attachement. Here's an example (EDIT: seems the format is corrupted when copy/paste from the HTML file, I then remove the HTML code and give the original CSV file content): This is a DIY shopping list and I just want it to stay that simple, adding a checkbox somewhere in the line that allows me to clear the entry... If you know Upvise (list manager), this is exported from Upvise as CSV file and converted to HTML. Going to PDF would add one extra step to a procedure that already looks pretty complicated... :-( Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Sure! By the way, once I've converted my CSV file to an HTML file, I cannot find any import "HTML file" function in the main menu: where's the magic button there? ;-) Does it work only through an Import folder?
  10. OK, will try this! Anyway, CSV is kind of universal file format, would be good to be able to import directly CSV file... Missing feature? Thanks again for your help!
  11. Hi all! Being new to Evernote, I'm just trying to get my data back from various other applications into it. All I have is CSV files, resulting from exporting out of Notepad or Upvise, for example. The most important in the first place is importing my to-do lists but I couldn't find any function to perform this: can anyone supply the procedure for importing a list into Evernote? Thanks in advance for any help!
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