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  1. Ticket can be opened here: Support is a paid subscription service https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new My ticket is still processed, so it will not hurt if more are opening some.
  2. One remark: Sarcasim is not helping here, but that is up to you, like you like to treat people. Secondly: I opened a ticket 🙂
  3. Thanks. Done that already 1) Uninstalled via "Evernote Uninstaller" 2) Deleted all Evernote content from User/AppData/... and Programms 3) Restart 4) Install Evernote again Result was the same: App is not starting but visiable in Task Manager. Uninstalled again and installed 10.71.2 -> Works perfectly
  4. As stated before, I cannot use REVO, as I have a restricted PC. There must be a btter solution. Especially, as the installation of an older version works perfectly every day again.
  5. Its a bit annoying, as every morning Evernote is installing the latest version again, which failes to launch. I am uninstalling it and install 10.71.2, which is running perfectly. Any hint, where I can stop the Auto-Update process? Haven't found that switch somewhere.
  6. Dear All, I have excactly the same issue. 10.72.1. was working perfectly, I updated to 10.72.2 and it is not starting anymore. (Win 10) I can see it in the Task Manager. Tried uninstall, reboot install, ... no change. There is no error message, it just does nothing. Any idea? I cannot use Revo, as it is a regulated Company PC, but I deleted all files connected to Evernote before re-installing. And also "auto-update" worked for all versions before. thanks
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