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  1. Been using EN for years as a premium subscriber. This issue just started about a week ago when I noticed that multi-page scans scanned to EN were only retaining the first page of the PDF. The scanner (Scansnap S1300i) is processing and sending all pages to EN but for some reason only the first page ends up in the note. Opening the PDF in Adobe confirms that there is only one page in the document. If I scan to a file or email the resulting PDF contains all pages. So as a work around I am having to scan to desktop then drag the PDF into EN or set the scanner to create one note per scanned page then merge inside of EN, both of which work but add a step I didn't used to have to perform. Any ideas? I don't believe it is the scanner as it definitely scans and processes the correct number of pages. I have updated to the latest release and still have this issue. I'm running EN 6.9.2 on a Mac running Sierra 10.12. Thanks.
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