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  1. Many thanks! You're quite right. I did as you said, and once I had deleted the notebook, the number of notes remained the same!
  2. Hello everyone. I hope someone can help me. I have just noticed I have a notebook called Conflicting Changes. There doesn't appear to be any notes in it (there is no number in brackets after the title) and also when I click on the notebook, no notes appear. So I (!) assumed I could delete the notebook. I right clicked and selected delete. I got a message prompting me to confirm that I wanted to delete the notebook and all the notes in it PERMANENTLY (permanently was in capitals). I selected "delete notebook" and then got another message "You are about to PERMANENTLY delete 2 notes This action cannot be undone.Are you sure you want to delete these notes?" My problem is, there don't appear to be any notes in this particular notebook, and yet it says there are 2. Has anyone come across this before?
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