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  1. Yeah, it reminded me a rule that 80% of problems get fixed on their own, 20% don't get fixed at all, so why worry..
  2. thanks for the reply, Scott! I got the point how it works. And it is a helpful feature indeed, but only if you strictly follow your calendar planning, which is not my case. The weather forecast subscription was on my Mac, but for some reason it no longer works, saying "server responded with error" So everything is all right now
  3. In the title of the notes created on iPhone (ios 7.2, last version of EN) there should be a "Note from "location"". But instead of the locations in the notes titles, iCal event's titles appear in note title. E.g. there is a weather forecast in my iCal presented as full day event. And when I create a note in EN it would have a title "Note from Overcast 4C / 1C in St. Petersburg". How to get rid of this behavior and have normal location titles?
  4. I didn't check the knowlege base expecting faster and more appropriate help from the tech support
  5. Thats all I wanted to hear. And it took me 10 emails and 30 min of chat to figure out this basic thing.
  6. I have the following issue: "Copy Selection" function which doesn't work properly on my Mountain Lion. In Windows after pressing the shortcut there was a notification in the right bottom corner "Pasted to Evernote" and I peacefully continued working in safari or whatever program I was working in. Now on my Mac instead of this, new note comes out with a text previously copied to buffer. Means instead of clipping selection, EN clips whatever was in my buffer, or, if the buffer was empty, it creates an empty note and pulls it up so that i have to switch back to the application i was working in.
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