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  1. So it's a problem with Mountain Lion? Is there workarounds for Evernote to implement? Is it a bug in the way EV actually accesses stuff or is a confirmed OSX bug? Do techs check topics here at all?
  2. So what's going on? Are tech support on this? has there been a bug report? Anything?
  3. My Spotlight isn't indexing notes either Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and EV 3.3.1 - what can I do about this? Cheers all
  4. Actually EV doesn't do what the original poster asked for: I'd dearly like to be able to do this with my wife - is there any solution we know about?
  5. Thanks very much for that - I'll take a look and see what I can dig up Does anyone else have any ideas or know who I should lobby to get this sort of thing put in place? Cheers!
  6. Anybody have any ideas? Or who I should approach with the feature request?
  7. Hi all. I've been using EV in conjunction with Omnifocus (OF) for a few months now, it's turning out to be a great place to keep all the data I need around my Getting Things Done process without getting in the way. For example I have a recurring task in OF called "Weekly Trigger List" that pings every Tuesday morning at 7am when I'm on the train. The task has a link to the EV note containing a list of mental triggers. The system works really well as even if I'm away from my mac and the reminder triggers on my iphone, I can still click the same link and open EV on my phone. Anyway. I also started to use "Launch Center Pro"(LCP) on my iphone recently. I can use the OF URL schema to create a custom button to do pretty much whatever I like, the possibilities are huge. What I'd really like to be able to do is open LCP, & hit an icons that launches EV, takes me to my business receipts notebook, opens a new note, and fires the camera. This is something I do 3-4 times a day every time I pay for something that is a business expense. Questions: Is there a detailed EV URL Schema? If not, how do we get one? Are their any other solutions you could recommend?
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