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  1. I have learned that it is possible with an advanced search function. (I guess the attribute is not visible.) http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php#Date_Time_Arguments So to find the reminders that have been cleared today, the search string is reminderDoneTime:day Alternatively, you can use absolute datetime values like this to search for items cleared as of Oct 6: reminderDoneTime:20131006 I haven't figured out the syntax for items cleared BETWEEN time periods (last week only, last month only, etc.). I'll have to think about how important this is for my workflow. Using the syntax, I need to stay on top of clearing items in a timely manner, or else they won't get picked up by a search. Using my old system, I can deal with them in batches when I find the time to evaluate my completed items.
  2. In the Windows desktop client, is there a way to see a list of reminders that were cleared or marked as done on a specific date or range of dates? Before EN 5, I kept each of my action items as a separate note (following TheSecretWeapon) and then when I completed an action, I added the date to the title and tagged it "action completed". I know that's a bit cumbersome, but it allowed me to recap what was accomplished that day or that week by looking at my note list with that tag. I'm thinking I can now accomplish this with the reminders if I can learn how. thanks for the help.
  3. I loosely follow The Secret Weapon system ( http://www.thesecretweapon.org/) to organize my tags and use multiple words to group like tags occasionally. For instance Home-medical Home-family fun Etc Work-project 1 Work-project 2 Etc I send new notes to my INBOX notebook to be tagged, and then when I'm ready to tag, I use the drop down menu or start typing the first letters and I see all tags that start with Home or Work or whatever grouping word I've used
  4. I hope you are backing up your files for your law business on a nightly basis. That requires the desktop version. The cloud version cannot be backed up. Relying on the cloud storage is setting yourself up for a fall. Of course. :-) As I explained earlier, I've been experimenting with Evernote as a way to organize and access my documents on the go but all the original client documents are stored on Dropbox (cloud and desktop versions). One of the things I find annoying about Evernote is having to save everything to Dropbox and then drag it over to Evernote because there's no "save to Evernote" option in Word, Adobe Pro etc. (at least that I know of). However, for work documents I still store them elsewhere anywhere as backup, and good thing due to events like these (I read a whole bunch of other posts where similar stuff had happened to other people so I know it's not just me!) Dropbox has never failed me in the year and a half that I've consistently used it, and I also make periodic backupts to my work PC just in case Dropbox experience something funky. The notes I was worried about losing were the web clippings, personal notes such as lists and to-do's etc., and just all the time I had spent organizing them and going through them in Evernote etc. Ironically the cloud version of Evernote was correct (on evernote.com, and on my iPad), but it was the desktop (and laptop) versions that were showing the notes as missing. My husband and I had a debate about this b/c he said he always uses the web version b/c he doesn't like another program running on the computer, and I said I always open the program on my computer b/c it is right there as a shortcut and easier for me than going online and logging in. I will have to let him know that an additional reason for using the desktop version is the backup option. ;-p Just a couple of things to note here. First, you may have figured out by now that you can save to Evernote by setting up an import location on your computer. I use this all the time to save documents straight into Evernote rather than into dropbox. Second, when I did a major overhaul of my tags and notebooks recently, my web version and my tablet notes were correct but my desktop got messed up somehow. I think that I made way too many change too quickly that I wasn't syncing frequently enough. After working with the support folks, I was able to rebuild my desktop from the web version and all is well again. Finally, I've been very grateful that I had backed up when I messed up my notes. Now I back up Evernote and my dropbox folders frequently just in case I botch something up and can't get to it quickly enough to fix it before the messed up files sync across all my platforms.
  5. I've been trying to organize my system too, and some of the things that have worked for me include: 1. Tags rather than keywords. I tried to use some kind of code in the title then couldn't remember them precisely, so I returned to tagging my notes. 2. Limited use of notebooks. The fewer the number of notebooks, the better because you can only search across one or all notebooks, but not two. I use a notebook for each project as a temporary holding place so that I can (a) share that project with a colleague, or( avoid using up my offline storage on my android tablet by being selective about which notebooks I set to be offline searchable. When i complete a project, I move all the notes to my FILE CABINET notebook for permanent long term storage and delete the temp PROJECT NAME notebook. 3. Project summary note. I created a template note that I use to summarize the project and tag it with !Planning (using the ! forces that that tag to the top of my tag list on my tablet). This note contains the key items related to this project, such as a list of key people, deadlines, etc. The body has the list of actions required to move the project to completion. The bottom shows the completion date and final outcome. I create individual notes for each action and only one gets tagged with 0-now while others get tagged with 1-next, 2-later, 3-someday, or 4-waiting. 4. Tag organization system. Knowing that there is no nesting of tags on my tablet, I needed tags to sort alphabetically or at least be grouped in a logical manner when I'm away from my pc. So my tags have a keyword as the first word. For instance...Research-project name 1, Research-project name 2, etc. Or Home-remodel, Home-family fun, etc. I like the TSW implementation of gtd, but not all the tags are useful for me, so I've modified as needed. Hope that helps.
  6. Do you know if this is true for manually forwarded emails or is this only true for the automatically filtered emails? Scary.
  7. I am getting this message on my PC even though I have synced all my notes. I did a sort of all notes by "sync" and everything is synced as far as I can see. The activity log is not showing anything amiss either. I had one note that I thought might be too large (contained several images) so I moved each image into a separate note and permanently deleted the original note. But maybe that wasn't it. I clicked on "sync before exit" and then restarted EN. And even though I made no changes, when I tried to exit, I got the same message: "Your changes haven't been synced yet." I ran into this once before when I had a shared tag across a local and a synced notebook, but it was resolved by rebuilding my database from the Web version. This time, I haven't done anything new, so I can't identify what is being flagged as unsynced. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the info. I did search the boards and other webpages quite a bit but never saw anything about EXB files (I didn't know to search "BACKUP EXB"), only .enex files. And I called support and put in a ticket nearly 24 hours ago, but they never said a word about that. I got tired of searching and searching, and I knew that I had the .enex file from last week sitting in my desktop, so I went with that. I'll do the EXB method in the future thanks.
  9. I recently had to restore my EN notes from a local backup and discovered that I would do things a little differently in the future. I do a full backup of all my notebooks and save the .enex file somewhere else for safekeeping. The other day I decided to reorganize my Notebook/Tag structure (tried to consolidate notebooks to avoid having a few too many) and accidentally deleted a notebook that still contained some notes. Since those notes do not end up in the TRASH folder, I had no way to recover them, nor did I have any way of knowing which notes they were. Fortunately, I had a local backup that I used to import all my notes back into my EN account. The notes were too many (2000+) so they went into a local notebook and I then had to determine which ones were accidentally deleted. In the process, I realized that the import preserves the tags, the created date, and the modified date, but does NOT preserve the notebook name. So a little tricky to determine which notes were in the notebook in question. Though tags are not specific to notebooks, I tend to use the same ones with the same notebooks, so I did some searches on those tags I could remember and I think I'm back in business. What I would do differently: 1. Be more careful about deleting notebooks. 2. Do my local backups BY NOTEBOOK rather than have one giant backup file. 3. (slightly unrelated) Occasionaly, move my trash files into a searchable TRASH notebook, back it up, then delete the notebook again.
  10. @karghiksunil, I just tried the app on my thinkpad tablet (android 4.0.3) and it crashes at "refresh templates." I can't find how to start using the app other than set the default notebook.
  11. I was actually trying to go the other way, that is use OneNote more for class related note storage and Evernote for everything else. I think ON may be better for me to organize my lectures and inclass exercises by course and then preserve gradebooks per semester. Maybe I'm wrong. I imagine if you do a lot of sharing notebooks with students, then EN is best because it crosses all tthe platforms that students might be using...ipads, android, etc. That said I too ask students to submit papers electronically by email or via BlackBoard. On my android tablet, I import the PDF into an app called LectureNotes and mark it up with my stylus. I can then email the annotated PDF to the student. I use the Lenovo thinkpad tablet, but the Samsung note 10.1 is what I would get next. If i were to switch to a windows tablet, I'd have to rethink the ON versus EN decision.
  12. Is there a way to set the content of autotitles in newly created android notes? It looks like the default title is "note @location" which can be toggled on/off in the settings, but that's it. I'd prefer the auto title to be the date in the format I specify (I use yymmdd in my titles) but I see no way to modify it.
  13. Thanks for the tip. I just installed Boat browser and its webclipper addon from Google play and it works great. At first I couldn't see the URL of a saved webpage, but then when I opened the saved note in EN and selected "go to source" I was redirected to the source webpage. The webclipper is accessible from the browser directly or as a standalone widget.
  14. @Garry: you're right, selectable offline storage must not be an impossible thing to achieve. The developer of the LectureNotes app, Acadoid, allows us to select any location for files without rooting. And he is a one man developer shop, not a team of developers like the EN team. The use of multiple notebooks as a workaround is becoming increasingly annoying because I have trouble remembering which notebook I used for which info. I need a more systematic approach to choosing notebooks when I save a note so I dont have to think about it each time. Currently, I need to decide in advance whether I might need that note offline later, and I don't always make the right decision upfront. Not a huge problem...just annoying.
  15. I find this too. I tried dragging/dropping the pdf into a new note. I tried reimporting it using my import folder. Nothing. Can't get it to appear. Is it possible it is something in the internal setting in the pdf? I don't know enough, but is it possible that there is something funny in the file type that is preventing EN from viewing the pdf in the note? I tried looking in file properties but I don't see anything, but maybe I'm missing something.
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