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  1. @Garry: you're right, selectable offline storage must not be an impossible thing to achieve. The developer of the LectureNotes app, Acadoid, allows us to select any location for files without rooting. And he is a one man developer shop, not a team of developers like the EN team. The use of multiple notebooks as a workaround is becoming increasingly annoying because I have trouble remembering which notebook I used for which info. I need a more systematic approach to choosing notebooks when I save a note so I dont have to think about it each time. Currently, I need to decide in advance whether I might need that note offline later, and I don't always make the right decision upfront. Not a huge problem...just annoying.
  2. It must not be impossible to program. The developer of the LectureNotes app allows premium users to choose the location to save notes created by the app. In fact, he allows us to choose different locations for the notes, the backup zip files, and any pdf files we create from the app. Root not required.
  3. I'm not prepared to root my tablet either, so I follow the same compromise now too. I have created an ARCHIVE notebook and a DOCUMENTS notebook that are not offline, but keep my WORK and my HOME (shared with family members) notebooks as offline searchable. ARCHIVE is for projects that are finished and not likely to be needed again anytime soon, while DOCUMENTS is just a repository for large attachments related to current projects. Though it is cumbersome to rely on wifi to access the DOCUMENTS notebook or else face the delay of waiting until I get back to my office to access on my laptop, nothing is too urgent for me at this point. And as for ARCHIVE, as long as notes in my WORK are tagged properly, when I finish with a project, I select all the notes tagged accordingly and move them to the ARCHIVE notebook. Still, it would be most convenient to store on an external SD and not have to mess with more notebooks ...
  4. Does anyone know if this issue has been addressed already? I was on online chat with Evernote help and the tech said that she thought it was possible, but I don't think it is possible to change file paths for offline storage. (I'm also a premium user.)
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