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  1. I keep running notes to gather snippets of info on topics I follow, i.e. developments in the economy, etc. Would love to be able to: 1. Select text in a web page (I use Chrome) 2. Right click to get access the context menu 3. Select an option to "Add to an existing note" 4. Select from a list of notes I have previously designated as "ongoing" notes or something similar 5. Be able to set an option for each of these ongoing notes to have each new clip dated or not Hope this makes sense. PS - Love the product, like many folks I would really like to be able to use it to associate notes with tasks/to-do's, ideally linked to Outlook because I basically manage my day from within it. An absolute ideal situation would be to create a note from within Outlook AND at the same time create a linked task in Outlook. Thanks.
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