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  1. Hi there - I had truly given up on ever getting a response, so many many thanks for trying this out! Ive tried the script, but it stops with an error. This is what I get so far: tell application "Finder" get every file of entire contents of folder "SSD:Users:Rich:Documents:_My Stuff:Cars:" --> {alias "SSD:Users:Rich:Documents:_My Stuff:Cars:`Car Sales.rtf", alias "SSD:Users:Rich:Documents:_My Stuff:Cars:`Cars.rtf", alias "SSD:Users:Rich:Documents:_My Stuff:Cars:`Cars.xls"} get name of alias "SSD:Users:Rich:Documents:_My Stuff:Cars:`Car Sales.rtf" --> "`Car Sales.rtf" (*`Car Sales.rtf*) Result: error "Can’t get items 2 thru 0 of {\"`Car Sales.rtf\"}." number -1728 from items 2 thru 0 of {"`Car Sales.rtf"} Any thoughts? Dont know why its saying 2 through 0 - shouldnt it be 2 through 6 or 7?? Many thanks, Rich.
  2. Hi, Im trying to work out if it is possible to compare a load of files in the finder (structured within a variety of subfolders) with the contents/titles of a certain notebook. Basically I need to confirm whether the filenames of all the files in the specific area of my finder folders are present in my evernote notebook, and let me know which ones have not yet been uploaded (based on the finder filename that generally forms part of the note's title when uploaded). Desperately need some ideas as I have 1000s of files/notes to compare! Thanks.
  3. Hi all, Hoping one of you Evernote/Applescript gurus can help out here as Im getting desperate! Thought I'd be able to achieve this in automator, but probably not after all… The issue: I have been using a finder folder structure to locally store loads of stuff Ive scanned in over time. I started uploading the items to Evernote for the OCR and easy search. For each file uploaded (all to the same notebook) I've used the names of all the folders it belongs to as the tags for that item. So if the following file was located in the finder as: Home/Documents/Evernote/House_stuff/plans/File1.pdf Then I would manually upload it to "Notebook1" and tag with "Evernote", "House_stuff" and "plans". The only issue was that I was running into the upload limit - as a result I haven't done it for ages and now I have an enormous backlog of files to sort out and upload. I have however helpfully "tagged" each file that hasn't yet been uploaded by preceding them with a `. So, I have loads of files stashed away deep in folders like: Home/Documents/Evernote/House_stuff/plans/ `File1.pdf I am guessing that this would be a task ideally suited to automation via AppleScript - unfortunately , I have only got a rudimentary knowledge! Can anyone help please?!! The workflow would be: - starting at the Evernote folder level, search inside all the folders and subfolders for all files preceded with a ` - once found, upload to notebook1 (minus the preceding ` character) and tag with all relevant folder names as described above - rename the original, local file to remove the preceding ` so it is clear that it has been uploaded - ensure that the upload limit is not going to be breached before each upload to avoid issues! Anyone up for the challenge? Would really appreciate some pointers if anyone can help. Many thanks, Rich.
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