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  1. Hi! I just started using Evernote on my iPad in school and noticed two shortcomings that should be relatively easy to fix. The first one is drawing inside of Evernote. So I was i chemistry class taking notes, when the teacher drew some models on the whiteboard. I wanted to draw these simple models in Evernote with my finger, in case I need to know them later. I found no easy way to do this. First I switched over to Skitch and drew the model, then I exported it into Evernote, but once there I found no easy way of inserting it in the note I was working on. I eventually solved it by going back into Skitch and exporting the drawings to my camera roll, then importing them to my note from there. Not a very good solution. It takes way too much time and you risk to miss writing down important stuff. I would like to see a button or something that you can tap on, they you get a drawing board where you can draw whatever you want, which will then be inserted at the cursor. It should also be possible to move, cut, and paste your drawing inside of Evernote. The second one is inserting special characters So after chemistry I went to physics. There I needed to insert characters for delta and density, as well as some superscript numbers. I found no way to do that within Evernote. I ended up waiting until I got home, and then I launched Evernote on my Mac, and had to go through all my notes and insert these characters. Again, this takes time. Time that you need to study. The simple solution would be to add a button that brings upp a popup menu, where you can choose from a bunch of characters (possibly sorted in categories), and the ability to favorite characters for easy access would be very much appreciated. I hope this is something the Evernote team would like to improve on, because Evernote is just awesome in school other than this. I have my notes both in my iPad, my phone and my computer, so even if I forget my iPad at home I can read my notes on my (Android) phone.
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