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  1. I'm having the same issue - was going to try and upgrade to El Captain from 10.10, but it seems as yours won't sync, that won't make any difference. I won't lose much, but it is annoying as Evernote was a key part of my workflow. Would you mind letting me know which version of Evernote you are able to run on your computer? Highest I can get to at the moment is 6.12.3 Think I'll just need to find a Evernote alternative until I can justify a replacement computer. The one I have now works really well, so I'm reluctant to spend thousands just for one App
  2. I've found the older versions of Evernote don't work. The latest I could install was 6.12
  3. It's the same issue I'm afraid. Looks like they have turned off access for anyone on an older computer that can't upgrade to the latest OS/version of Evernote.
  4. Same in OS 10.10 too I've managed to find the latest version of Evernote that will work on that OS, but it still doesn't sync. One piece of advice for anyone experiencing the same issue - don't log out of the app because it won't let you log back in again! At least while logged in you can copy and paste out your unsynced notes, or potentially export them.
  5. You're a star s2sailor! Found it on Filehippo, thanks so much. For anyone else searching, here's the link to the legacy versions of Evernote Cheers again :-)
  6. Yup, I'm just looking for a temporary workaround to sync some notes on a particular computer. After that i'll not need Evernote on that machine - or will use the browser version
  7. Yup I'm well aware of all this. The particular computer is using some specialist software that won't work on an OS upgrade. I'm just trying to find an old version that I can get running on the particular machine so that I can try and sync some existing (unsynced) notes from that machine. It seemed a simpler approach that navigating the SSL issue that seems to be the cause. The specific query is about finding older versions of the app - With most apps you can find legacy versions online somewhere to use as a temporary workaround. Once that is done I'll not need to use the app on that particular machine. - I have another, more up to date Mac.
  8. Thanks very much for answering the question! Will try that :-)
  9. Correct and it is on an old Mac. The new version of Evernote doesn't work on my OS. This is why I am trying to find somewhere to download any older versions of Evernote. I'll then use the highest version that will work on the OS.
  10. Hiya, Does anyone know where I can find old versions of Evernote? I'm running 5.4.3 on an old Mac, but it recently stopped syncing due to what i believe is an SSL issue. I tried logging out and logging in again, but it won't connect. I want to try a slightly earlier/later version of the app as my Mac won't work with the latest version. All the links I've found so far have either been broken or take me to the latest version. TIA
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