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  1. The links are up above the title it says Created:---- Updated ----- and then the link Below is the Title and the body of the note. I did an experiment ... went directly to the evernote website and logged on ... instead of going thru the computer link and all the links work. I might try to reinstall the software on my computer? If necessary when I need a link I guess I could log on to the website. Thanks for your Help, Debbie
  2. Thanks Candice and Gadzumped for your help.. Gadzumped.. I can see the hyperlinks and they are underlined the problem is when I click on them ... it does not do anything. I have even tried to add new ones and they don't work either. I am thinking something is stopping them from opening? Candice, I will definitely keep trying to solve my problems with evernote. Thanks for the Grocery App Tip. Debbie
  3. Hi, I have always used both Springpad and Evernote.... It seemed springpad did a lot of things better/easier, so I split my allegiance between the two. Now that Springpad is leaving I converted everything to Evernote but for the life of me can not figure out a couple of things. The first is I always saved my bookmarks in Springpad ... when they converted I see the underlined url... but when I click it nothing happens. I even tried to create new bookmarks and they don't seem to work either. What am I missing??? I was using latest firefox switched to chrome did not have any effect. I am running windows 7 , malware popup blocker antivirus. Also... I use to use Springpad for my Grocery List. I have tried for 10 days to figure out how to show / hide checked items on my shopping list. Finally gave up and switched to Google Keep for those lists. I still would like to know how to see or not see checked items if anyone knows how. Thanks, Debbie
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there was an easy way to see which notes I emailed ...when and to whom. If not I may have to start emailing to my gmail account and forwarding them from there. I also was wondering what the easiest way to get a lot of notes in a particular folder sent to a non evernote user. Thanks, DSockrider
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