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  1. Spotlight searching for notes. I've now had the errand escalated to bug level by Evernote Support. They say a fix should be included in an upcoming minor release. God knows how long that will take, but that's as much as I can do I guess.
  2. Nope, it did not I'm afraid. Tried it on both Macs with no result.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I will try leaving it added to "privacy" for a longer time and see if this has any effect. I noted today that my macbook did the exact same thing when I upgraded Evernote Thank you for the help and suggestions!
  4. That's funny as most people say the opposite. That the direct download version is better for this. Interesting.
  5. What folder exactly is it that you're disabling for indexing and then reenable?
  6. FYI I've had spotlight search working on my lion machine for years, but in the latest version ***** ain't working anymore and I've tried redownload and reindexing. No way I'm going premium again if this problem is ignored. Going through spotlight search is my fav way of quickly accessing evernote and isn't productivity what it's all about?
  7. After the last update (probably skipped a number of versions) I can't search for notes using spotlight anymore on mac. It's really annoying as this is the way I'm opening evernote 90% of the time. What can I do? (apparently none-premium users can't get support anymore, great..)
  8. I have some serious concerns for the new version. Ever since I installed it I'm having a serious bug in spotlight searches for evernotes. Not only does Evernote no longer present new notes to the spotlight index. Even worse is that when I do serach for an older note that still reside there and open it, this method of opening a note BLANKS the note and uploads the blanked copy to the server while presenting the correct note on screen. The next time I open Evernote the note is gone, it's blank, clear, empty, and there's nothing in the trashcan or anywhere else. It's just gone, hasta la vista. I had to actually dig through my timemachine to find a data html file for the note to recover it. Not exactly nice, anyone else having this issue? It's horrible, I keep forgetting about it and keep deleting my notes "€&!&!# Apart from that I like the LOOK of the new version. It feels abit more like typing on a paper, which, call me a weirdo, feels much more creative (I'm a musician, we're allowed to be weird). There are things I don't like however. While there still is a way to keep all notebooks to the left in the panel it isn't sleek looking at all as it was in the last version. The quickbar is a neat idea but it looks halfbaked and I'd like features such as folders and separators. It's also sketchy. Sometimes when I click a recent note it doesn't really open it. Sometimes when I open the program I get into "all notes" and there's nothing there, freaking me out totally until I click notes again and I find them listed again (jesus are you trying to kill me??) I'd especially like a comment on the blank note / spotlight search bug, I've filed a ticket already.
  9. Now that was a good idea!! I could just keep a bunch of them in a separate notebook. What I wonder here however, is whatever this approach will really be any faster since my default view always is my song notebook. Opening the last song copying a snippet then clicking new, paste, backspace and starting writing is hard to beat but I'll test this one, seeing if it beats it Your method is doubtlessly best if there is anything beyond font that is relevant such as preset text, headers, information etc.
  10. - This should work fine, it's essentially the same as I'm doing except I copy a text snippet from another note on the iPad, while this would mean copy another note and use this. The problem is that there is no note copy capability on iPad as far as I know, that feature is lacking so I never attempted this approach. Maybe I've missed something but I've never seen a feature like that?
  11. I wasn't aware of this and thought it would mean I have a solution that is better, but I do not. I tried 4 common fonts EXPLICITABLY selected and then synced to Ipad (making sure the font was indeed selected and not default) and it still is just as misaligned as before. Unusable for chords. Setting the default font to Courier new could be an option if it wouldn't, like you already noticed, cripples the method I'm using. If desktop reliability is the only thing you need, just use the mono font available in the drop down list (yes that one that will make the ipad version crash). Creating a template note does however work and is a slightly more elegant way of doing this. Let's just say I'm EXTREMELY SURPRISED at how poorly this is handled on an app as big and mature as Evernote.
  12. Hi people! As most of you musicians out there probably have noticed there is no friggin way to get cross-platform monofonts in evernote between say Ipad and the Mac. Yes I know, there is a monofont available on the desktop versions but this isn't shown when synced or even crashes the ipad app (!!). I assume most of you just put up with not using monofonts trying to line up the chords as good as possible with the normal arial font. First of all this isn't very nice for musicians and second, even worse, is that the spaces change between the Ipad version and the Desktop version so what looks reasonably ok on Ipad looks all wrong at the desktop version and you're ready to just pull your hair out in anger. I've tried a number of ideas and solutions and think I came up with THE best solution until monofont support finds it's way into the mobile versions OR at least the spacing looks the same between platforms. What you do to get cross-platform monofont support between Ipad, Mac and probably PC (haven't tested) is this: Create a new note Go to a website with some sample text with the Courier New font, for example: http://web.mit.edu/jmorzins/www/fonts.html Copy a sample of courier new text (CMD-C or Ctrl-C) Go into the newly created note in Evernote and paste this sample. Follow this by an Enter and you can start writing your music in peace with a true monofont. (remember to delete the pasted sample at the top of the note) When you sync this note to the ipad it WILL be both displayed and EDIT correctly in monofont (feel free to scream right out in surprise and relief!) When you have done this a few times you'll have notes at the top of your list featuring the font so you don't need to go to the website but can simply take a sample from your own notes. The reason you have to do this is because Courier New isn't selectable by default in the font picker in Evernote. There IS ANOTHER MONOFONT available, do not use this, it will crash your ipad app completely, needing it to be reinstalled to work again. Assuming you want to start the note on the Ipad rather than the desktop the way to go is similar: Either open an old note and copy a sample of courier new text or go to the website using safari and copy the sample there. Paste this sample in a new note and continue writing your music below this. When syncing the note it will look exactly the same on the desktop client. So, as you see, a very similar to the approach above. (You copy and paste by tapping or holding and using the select, copy and paste buttons on Ipad) Now a word of warning: The android version of evernote DOES NOT handle things as expected. You can easily view notes using Courier new correctly, but if you start editing the note it will be converted to the standard arial font ***** UP ALL SPACING. If you still edit it and save it the note will be screwed up. DON'T PANIC! Just open the smashed-and-burned note in the desktop app and paste a sample of Courier new into it at the bottom of the note. Now copy the entire note (apart from the sample) and head back to right below the sample. Now go into Edit -> Paste without formatting. Your note will magically be fixed and you can delete the broken copy above aswell as the sample text. DO NOTE however that whatever work you did while within the Android client will now be spaced differently so that needs some fixing but the rest of the note is saved. Now a note to the Evernote crew: MUSICIANS NEEDS MONOFONT CAPABILITY THAT WORKS CROSSPLATFORM. What is otherwise the use for us to sync between a million devices? We need exact chords and Evernote is just horrible in this aspect. Hopefully a hardworking musicians will soon sneak into your headquarter stealing all form of media players. Maybe a few weeks in silence will make you re-prioritize our requests If I were you I'd pin this topic but it's up to you
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