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  1. At the home office, I rely upon the extensive contact information stored on my PC. It's all in text files.. When traveling, I refer to an abbreviated version that I create on the PC Evernote file and then publish it to Evernote on my cell phone. For a new set of notes of emails containing hyperlinks to the web, I started to assemble them with OneNote via copy & paste. Thanks to unexpected Microsoft BS, this did not go as I liked, and then I read that Evernote can do the job as well or better. However, this note set is intended for the desktop only and is not to be published to the phone along with my other Evernote notes when I update them. Can I segregate these new notes from the others so that they stay put on my local machine? If so, how? Is a second instance of Evernote possible on the desktop?
  2. Larry again... it turns out that, although I was unable to reload the app at Google Play from my PC, everything was hunky-dory when I reached out from the phone itself. A popup message at GP suggesting this would have been nice. I appreciate the hints, but they went nowhere.
  3. Hello, my Galaxy S4 was flashed ty AT&T in order to upgrade it to Android 5.* Now trying to reinstall Evernote, but the window at google play shows my S4 ghosted out (gray), so I cannot select it for downloading. What must I do to get the app back? Larry
  4. This is a good forum, and I appreciate the support. Scott, based on what you wrote, "I guess I will never agree with these directional things...I am for ever saying to people "Scroll up...no the other direction" since I guess my perspective is the opposite," it is clear that you live in Australia, yes?
  5. Swiping right is correct; also tapping the elephant. If I upgrade to premium, does pin provide enough security that I can dispense with signing off? Also, how can I delete the default Cupertino location?
  6. I would like to put more confidential information on my android phone with Evernote, but the site's instructions for logging off with android are out of date. They advise users to go to the menu button while in Evernote and proceed, but the new ice cream sandwich version of android no longer has a menu button. So, unable to log off Evernotes, my notes are freely readable by a stranger or thief if I lose custody of the phone. Evernote support has ignored my request to update the instructions. Can someone with a premium account take up the cause? I would sure like to put some low-risk passwords into a new note.
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