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  1. I figured it out. The new version presented all of my notes in html, which would not accept editing. Of course, we can't tell the difference by looking at it. Atop the note was a little symbol indicating that the text was html formatted. I clicked on it (right click?) and was given a choice to remove the formatting. I selected it, and voila! I was back in text mode and all was well. There was no clue to be found anywhere that this was the way.to "unfreeze" the text, and I just followed my hunch. In my opinion, this fiasco reflects incredible negligence on the part of ENote
  2. I just downloaded the new version for Windows (april 4, 2021), and can no longer edit or add to existing notes. I rebooted, got ANOTHER message asking me to download the new version. OK. After that reopened, no improvement. I'm a user since 2012.
  3. At the home office, I rely upon the extensive contact information stored on my PC. It's all in text files.. When traveling, I refer to an abbreviated version that I create on the PC Evernote file and then publish it to Evernote on my cell phone. For a new set of notes of emails containing hyperlinks to the web, I started to assemble them with OneNote via copy & paste. Thanks to unexpected Microsoft BS, this did not go as I liked, and then I read that Evernote can do the job as well or better. However, this note set is intended for the desktop only and is not to be published to the
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