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  1. Updated to 10.60.4 with the Evernote app when tried taking notes on a different machine. Thought the problems were fixed, but I witnessed this just now. As I was typing a line, I saw Evernote delete some of my text from a lower line and it inserted 3 bullet points in place of the missing letters.
  2. I am both losing critical points of information in my notes and having my notes being randomly duplicated. I am experiencing a loss of notes in realtime as I am typing more. Trying to correct the problems causes more problems. Some of notes are randomly being duplicated around as well. I have not posted all screenshots of every problem area, but these are two screenshots of what I am experiencing. These issues seem to come and go as they please on my end. Everything was working fine. These issues come up. I correct them. For a while it's fine but then the issue comes up again. This is extremely debilitating. I was trying to shift things around in my notes by copying and pasting. And it threw my stuff into a section I did not intend near the bottom of the document, which was NOT where I was originally editing, thus messing everything up. I am using the Evernote application Evernote 10.59.5
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