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  1. I definitely need this feature too. There should be options of diff texture/color for background of notes. I think this thread started one year ago. Is there anybody from Evernote listening to users on their official forum?
  2. Interesting... Can you confirm that what you found is OSX > spotlight > web > android ? OSX means evernote for mac, and it found 1016 results matched? In my test, OSX version is worst with strings in Chi characters. I haven't tested this on iPad and iPhone. Maybe someday when I have time. Yes. I can imagine it will take a lot to narrow down the searching-in-Chi(or Jap...) glitch. I tried to be helpful by giving my detailed description of the problem. I'd love to see them fix it at least for the desktop version. I feel it is weird that spotlight can sometimes come up with more results than evernote for mac, for spotlight only supports evernote, but it is not a part of evernote.
  3. BTW, what platform do you use? Does it have problem with searching Jap strings as well? Thx.
  4. In early days, when the web clipper was better with saving the whole page as pdf, I did save some pdfs. But I didn't like saving notes in that way. I think the reason was because web clipper (old version) saved pdfs like pictures, so it could only match the strings in the titles. But I have converted all my pdf notes to html notes long time ago. I don't remember all the fuss I had back at that time. And I don't have any pdf notes to test now. Sorry.
  5. Thanks for quick reply. I appreciate that. I just did another quick test and wrote down the results. Hope it will be helpful. Please see the attached spreadsheet. So basically, I tested mixed Eng and Chi search strings in Evernote web, mac and also in spotlight.I think there may be a limit in how many results spotlight can present. So, in spotlight pref, I turned off everything else (Ex: music) except Doc, which would help to narrow down results. But sometimes spotlight showed significantly less results. I think the reason was because it was showing a number of non-evernote docs. Evernote web always dug out most results. Evernote mac was close in handling Eng strings, but it was half blind when it was looking for Chi strings. I remember the notes that were not shown in the results (in mac version) were mostly clipped from some forum posts. But, among the notes evernote mac did find, many were from forum posts too. So I have no clue about why mac version is less efficient, if it is true. Spotlight was better with some Chi strings but not with the others. I know nearly nothing about he searching mechanism evernote uses, and I know even less about spotlight. I didn't understand why spotlight couldn't find anything about "工大" and less results with "科幻“ and "电驴".I am sorry that my test results are flooded with "no clue", "I don't know". Please let me know if you need anything else. evernote inconsistant search results.pdf
  6. Hello guys, I don't know if I missed something. I found the search function on mac is significantly less efficient compared to iOS and web. I always trusted Evernote until I searched for some notes on mac and it returned with no results. But I knew I made those notes. So I did some tests with Evernote on mac, iOS, web and searching with spotlight. I found mac version Evernote was the worst with searching. Searching for certain strings would return with no results on mac version, while iOS, web and spotlight could all return with consistent and correct results. Sometimes, searching in mac version simply showed less results than using the other methods. I also found that, mac version was even worse when searching in Chinese. But again spotlight, iOS and web had no problem in my tests. I have been using evernote for a while. Searching only becomes important to me when I accumulate hundreds of notes. So I didn't notice how wrong searching went in previous versions. Is this a software flaw, or I didn't set it up correctly? I tried to rebuild the library of evernote, but there is no evernote folder in application support. Weird... Somebody please help. Thanks.
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