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  1. They seem to be leaving themselves wide open to the competition some basic features not implemented.
  2. So should this be a feature request. I like the workarounds but having a formal implementation of this seems like a basic feature evernote should have as every topic has a subtopic to group together.
  3. Hi Hoping you could help me be a little more productive. My evernote overflows with notes and I often find myself searching back through tags to try and find an article I was looking at in a topic or a collection. I have find mohiomap which creates a mindmap of tags from evernote or drive etc. this still doesn't achieve what I want and maybe its not possible. But is it possible to tag not only the clips from the clipper and my notes but to also highlight a paragraph or sub section of an article and create a tag for it. The 'compile' the tags to a new notebook/collection. Essentially create a combined book of my research into a topic with links to full reference articles. Is that possible? Sayth
  4. Is there a way I can import a mindmap into and then link my nodes to notes so I can navigate my notes from the mindmap? It really helps my creativity to think visually.
  5. I went to the other link but in the end it didn't work. i found this and it is working well. http://evernote.linyows.com/
  6. Is there a way I can import my delicious bookmarks into webClipper, I love web clipper its delcious on steroids, anyway if you know a way this can be done please let me know.
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