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  1. Perhaps because the most popular comment at the very beginning of the request includes "collapsible sections" and that likely influences people.. it is why I voted that up. I don't spend lots of time here, and google sent me to that page, I agreed and voted it up in part because of the "collapsible sections" comment by one of the other "Gurus". So, perhaps the Evernote team are not getting an accurate measure of the interest regarding this collapse feature... because some are voting for it on that thread, as much as they are bookmarks, rather than this thread. I understand it isn't part of the original request, but obviously now it is prominent, and part of what people are noticing... at least it was for me and I might not be the only one. I have always been interested in both features. At first glance that thread seemed to reinforce my desire for both features. I don't spend time here browsing through everything and making sure there isn't crossover.. maybe some moderators should do that.
  2. Yes please... and perhaps this should be combined with the feature request here- the very first comment mentions both bookmarks and "collapsible sections" -which is exactly what we are talking about here! If you combine these two feature requests, they would become the second most requested feature here... over 350 at the time of this writing (vs 424 for the current to request). Can they be combined...
  3. Love the idea of BOTH : Anchors/bookmarks Collapsible sections (which could almost be equivalent to comments) This is just essential Evernote. Many of us have deeply complex notes that don't split well for various reasons (I've used Evernote for 10+ years, I know the options and paradigms- just understand single long notes work better for some of us!) Please implement!
  4. +1 We really need this... if Evernote is supposed to be a flexible tool to Gather information only, then well and good. But if Evernote wants to improve the experience people have of actually going back and Looking at their information, then the editing tools need to be improved. Become a OneNote? No. But come on, make it so I can quickly adjust an image, left or right justify it, and add a margin. This is basic stuff.
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