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  1. On 10/13/2020 at 9:41 PM, Shane D. said:

    Wanted to clarify on my understanding of this feature request so I can make sure I'm communicating it accurately to our teams. Does this sound accurate?:
    "As a user I would like Evernote to hyperlink files on my computer so I can access them quickly"

    How dare you ? This is not a feature request this is one more regression of the V10. 

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  2. well I know EV love to give unclear or incomplete info to their audience but .. the shortcut should be listed ... with a detailled page explaining every items of this advanced menu (+ a big red warning if they are worry for the beginners). 

    This wrong habit to hide the info or publish minimal docs (and changelog) must stop. (imho ;)). Only the promotional side seems fuuuulll of details..

  3. 17 hours ago, DTLow said:

    On my Mac, the reminders section is at the top of the note list

    nb: on the Windows version the reminder section at the top is missing from the "side list" view

  4. Hello Ethan, 

    hmm you should download the beta versions only to avoid this kind of issues.  The templates development and bug reporting are still in progress. IMHO that's just awesome that EV don't have included it in the GA. That's a first and it's very very appracied ahah ! :) :) 

    This maybe the best move I saw from Evernote for a long time. Public releases must be always STABLE and RELIABLE. New features must stay in beta for while to discover any bugs or unattented behaviors. For me it's seems EV finally start listening the community request. So Well Done EV ?

  5. On 8/15/2018 at 3:48 PM, gazumped said:

    If anyone is interested,  there's a 6.14 GA version around now - check for updates in Evernote > Help.  There's no release thread yet - it looks like a cosmetic retread of the beta with the new branding. 

    I cannot find the 6.14 GA topic on the forum. Am I missing it or Evernote just found a new way to lost us a bit more by hidding deeper the (very long) list of complains coming on every release since 6.4 (or since the CEO change in 2016 if you prefer ;)) ? hmm

  6. Hello,

    I fully agree with (all) the complains about the unstable GA releases (since v6.7).  Evernote is become unreliable and very frustrating.  The time we will suggest the app to our clients is over. We are losing our trust in your product.

    Publishing regular releases is good but must be done with more caution and the Beta cycle should be longer. 

    Most of the time the releases bring new features but don't fix the issues reported (or too few). We understand there are priorities and urgent tasks in background but from our point of view the current management team have all wrong.

    Please, understand we don't want new features at this stage. We want a STABLE application first. I mean.. a GA always stable. 

    Another very frustrating part on our side is your lack of communication. You are here and there.. most of the time replying about minor issues or issues existing only because you have added new features without proper testing (and this despite that other critical issues have been reported for .. years). Communication seems not well coordinated for beta users.

    We are lost in the topics and infinite & redondant comments/reports.  We need an up to date list of the issues you are working on. We don't need the deadlines .. but a simple list of issues you are aware, issues you are working on, issues fixed, issues postpone, etc.. If you continue to make the the releases announcement (beta and GA) on the forum then the first reply should be an up to date summary of the issues reported (Maybe the gurus could take this role if no one of your staff have time for that?).

    ps: about Guru members.. I would like to thank you for all help provided. But I would like also to kindly ask you to reduce your posts. You are posting too much even if it's is partially helpful. New members doesn't even think they can use the search option first.

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