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  1. Thanks DanRod. Waaaaay easier. I started reading step 3 of Benny.Flash's solution and my eyes glazed over. Unfortunately the MSI installation also ended in error 2732. Oh well, if Evernote wants me to use their latest and greatest, they are going to have to try harder.
  2. Is there a way to change the default view of notes to "full screen"? Currently when you open a note, there are huge thumbnail previews of the other notes in the notebook taking up the bottom third of the screen. My thinking is that the note that I want to see is the one that I opened. I could care less that there are other notes in the notebook when I am trying to see the one that I opened. Yes I know that you can click the expand button to view it in full screen, but I think it would be super convenient to be able to select how the notes open by default.
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