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  1. What about simultaneous search? It's driving a number of us nuts!
  2. Is it just me or is web clipper injecting content into my Google Search results? If so, how do I disable this?
  3. It still seems like even in 5.4.4, there aren't keyboard shortcuts for all of the table-related functions like add new row. Are these ever coming?
  4. Anyone know how to choose which notebook my S-Notes are going to save into?
  5. Automatic link detection seems to be very sporadic on Evernote for Mac. I have noticed this since I installed it, and as of now I'm on 5.4.0 beta 2 and there doesn't seem to have been any improvement. I paste in URLs and they don't get turned into links. I highlight them and press control+k and instead of being smart like Gmail and turning what fits the format of a link into a link automatically I have to paste the link in again to the dialog that pops up to tell it where to link the text (which is itself a URL). Hopefully this makes sense, but basically it's WAY TOO MANY STEPS!
  6. Is automatic sync to Evernote coming to Penultimate for iOS? Considering you guys own it, it's weird that it only auto-syncs to Dropbox...
  7. Wait, I take that back ... the menubar icon does not appear to be retina-rez. Still looks ugly. https://skitch.com/swrobel/emqy3/skitch
  8. Also needs a retina menubar icon ... the current icon looks terrible
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