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  1. Hi, tkaraszewski All I can tell you at this stage is that a window pops up saying "Error: Invalid JSON string". Where can I look for more information for you? Does Safari keep a log, for example? I can't really see much happening in the Console when I replicate the error, but maybe there's something I should be looking for. Happy to help if I can!
  2. I use Moodle for online teaching, and after upgrading to Safari 6 (as part of my Mountain Lion upgrade) I found that I could no longer upload files to create download links for my students. I started receiving a JSON string error. To isolate the problem, I turned off half of my extensions, then the other half, etc. etc., and replicated the problem until I isolated a single extension that created the problem - and sadly, it was Evernote Web Clipper 5.6. I'm on a 2009 15" MacBook Pro running OS X 10.8. Anyone else having the same problem? Any fixes?
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