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(Archived) My thoughts ... and some suggestions

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I love the new EN. I love that I can just dump all of my stuff in one place and not have to worry about organizing it - I can just search. I know I will eventually organize, but it is just awesome to be able to just throw everything in one place.

Two suggestions:

1) I would love the ability to scan directly into EN - this would allow me to easily dump all of my paper in there too. Phone pics are just not good enough for some things. (I saw the instructions for how to do this with some scanners, but that does not work with my MFP530, and it would be easier directly from EN)

2) It would be really nice to be able to drag-n-drop more file formats in - like MS Office, PDF's, and flash and other (phone generated) videos - to REALLY be able to put everything in.

One Nitpick:

1) When dragging a note from one notebook to another, the note does not disappear (refresh) in the "from" notebook until you click in another notebook and come back.

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