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Evernote and Surface Pro tablets

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Long time Evernote user here. I appreciate the new feature which enables me to create handwritten notes with my Surface pen. I also am very happy about the possibility, implemented in 6.3 beta, to save notes to Google Drive. There only one thing missing to Evernote at this point, that would make it perfect: The possibility of inking existing documents with a pen/stylus, as the actual built-in annotation tool is embarassing, in comparison to -say- Onenote which, in this specific area outshines Evernote while it's a huge pile of junk in anything else. 

I hope something like that is in the works *hint* :)

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Thanks for chiming in,

I definitely agree with you. What hardware are you using EN with?

I have a Galaxy Note and a Surface Pro. I know for instance that handwritten standalone notes can be created and written text can be added to existing documents on both devices. The downside is that you cannot ink an existing note directly and that anything you write or sketch  will be added on top of the original stuff. So as of now this is as close as EN gets to, say, Onenote annotation functionality. I won't even start talking about Skitch as it is not worth mentioning... I really hope the good people at Evernote are doing the right thing. 

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