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Evernote for University




I've been using Evernote user for some years now, firstly during my PhD years and now as a Lecturer. The App has evolved in many very useful ways, especially the full-text search, which is one of the most efficient I've ever used (compared to ReadCube or Zotero for ex.)

But there's still some features missing for me (and for other academics I suppose) :

1. an automatic metadata extraction and article identification. I've discovered ReadCube recently and I must admit that this is just fantastic. I've nearly changed my habits and adopted ReadCube... (but as I wrote before, the full-text search is more efficient on Evernote, and habits are difficult to change !). I'm currently using both apps, but this is not a good solution, I'll have to choose in the end... 

2. a proper EndNote-like function (or app) for citing ref. on my papers.  

That would be so great if Evernote could develop some features to look like the others univ. apps (Mendeley, ReadCube and EndNote for ex.)


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