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Thank You and Goodbye?



I use Evernote mainly for Notes, and it's great, it helps me at least on a weekly basis, but mainly because I'm lazy, I could easily use Google or any other cloud service and make notes in files, save them in orderly arranged folders, copy-paste them into emails when I need to share soemething etc.
Evernote makes it a little bit easier. (Lazy)
I am an employee, so I don´t have a budget for app purchase, so any apps I purchase for my work, I get the pleasure of paying for on my own, and my typical Year I pay something like 50-100 USD via the app store for work related stuff, in total.

So, the new Basic-account that only allow me to use 2 units, that is more or less useless, I need 4 minimum, iPhone, iPad, Work PC, Home PC, otherwise the meaning is lost (the meaning being that I can make notes anywhere, and reach reach them from anywhere)
The new Plus-account is simply too expensive, considering there are several similar services that are free.

Going from free to 40 SEK / Month (About 5 USD/Month), is too much, I'll simply change and feel annoyed.
I am aware that it's not allot of money, but it has been free for years, and the products that I compare Evernote with, are free (or very very cheap)

So, 5 or 10 USD per year for my laziness , thats my limit to get what I have been getting for free.

And no, my employer will not pay for me taking Notes that I don't need to organize myself, they kind of expect me to be able to do that all on my own (Lazy)

So, yes, I am a cheap *****, but there it is :)

Thank You for a great product (please sell it to me at a buck a month)

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