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Too difficult to move new note to business/personal

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Ever since the major update a few months ago I am constantly frustrated by not being able to quickly move a note into business from personal or from personal into business. I know how to use the "copy to business" and "copy to personal" features but I don't understand why I can't just see my business notebooks anymore in the blue notebook selector near the top left of an open note and just move a notes into business from personal using that selector - the reason it is such a big problem for me is that I almost exclusively create new notes using the "ctrl+alt+n" keyboard shortcut, I then used to select the business or personal notebook upon starting my note, but now Evernote remembers which notebook I was viewing last (personal or business) and forces me to add my note to a notebook belonging to either personal or business - I now have to remember to use the "copy to business/personal" function later or instead of using the useful keyboard shortcut I must launch Evernote, go to personal or business and then click "new note". Really frustrating and a real step backwards!

Please show all notebooks (business AND personal) in the blue notebook selector list near the top left of notes!

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