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Checkbox Jumps when Multiple Lines Selected

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Here's an intermittent issue I see.

In some notes, if I highlight multiple lines of text to insert multiple checkboxes at once, I get erratic checkbox insertion behavior.  A portion of the note will be blanketed in blue - not only the area I've selected for the checkboxes, but it expands outside of this area - and the focus will shift away from the current view.  If I scroll up, I can usually find at least one checkbox inserted well above that set of lines for which I intend to insert checkboxes.

Here are a few screenshots to clarify.
01-marked shows the set of text for which I intend to add checkboxes
02 and 03, the red outline indicates the extra checkbox insertion where there should not be any.  The green outline indicates the desired checkbox insertion.

I've only just started trying to replicate this issue and have been unable to narrow it down so far in a fresh note.  I gather it may have something to do with section breaks and such, though unsure at this point.  This happens in quite a few notes.

I use current versions of Evernote with Windows, Mac and Android, so the multi-platform use may be introducing this behavior.
The affected notes may be edited on Windows or Mac only, however only viewed on Android.

Anyone else seeing this?  Thoughts?




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