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Code block suggestions



First of, I use:

  • OSX 10.10.5
  • Evernote 6.8

Currently Evernote has 2 implementations that I know of:

1. Select a block or group of texts and select Format > Code Block

  • Currently this doesn't work in OSX that I use.
  • I don't really prefer this because it takes my hand off the keyboard. If you're a Vi user, you will understand me.

2. Type ``` and hit enter

  • This works perfectly if you are not indented or not using bullets/numbers
  • If you want to indent (bullets or numbers), this is tricky. Most of the time takes a lot of effort for me to format the way I want it.
  • If I paste a code (directly from Eclipse, CMD+V), when I open Evernote again, the format is gone. The format is not preserved.
  • If I paste the code using CMD+Shift+V, it will create multiple blocks per code line.
  • When indented (bullets or numbers), if I try to code inside the code block and hit Tab key, the whole block will indent.

Few suggestions:

1. Eliminate the use of right click or mouse/trackpad.
2. Implement how Markdown create code blocks (using prefix and suffix ``` around the text).


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I could not figure out how to use code block on OSX.

I think the selecting code block from menu is not woking is a bug.

They also missing curly brackets icon {} witch is in windows ver.

So thank you for letting me know that I can use ```.

my system : OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 + Evernote 6.8 (App Store ver).

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