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Found some issues in app



Hello Team,

I hope you all are doing good!

Guys, trust you me you have done a great job at here. I'm an iOS developer and use this app to save my all the data. Really, it is a fantastic stuff. Easy to use and cool features. 

Today, I have found some issues in your app (iPhone App). Like:

1. No user name or email id validations are implemented properly on forgot password screen. Like if I'm entering say "      c       ", how can it be valid?

2. On the login screen, tap on Sign In button gets touched up inside and the user can easily feel this animation. But on Forgot Password screen, tap on Reset Password button, there is no touched up animation on that.

3. On the login screen, click on Forgot Password button, on appearing of Forgot password screen, the Text field's placeholder "Email or Username" changing Top to center in the text field.

Still, I found only these issues. Sorry for my bad English. But if you have any problem to understand these issues, please inform me.

These issues might be your known features if that then ignores these issues.






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