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I am not a power user of Evernote. I have had a free basic account for years and have posted some notes as I went along. So many love it and encouraged me to use it more. I just didn't find the need for it, and certainly not enough to pay for it. I get that the owners need paying customers, so my comment is not that valuable. But, hey, just passing along my thoughts and guessing that many others feel similar. I am disappointed that Evernote has decided to curtail their service after so long. Makes me so glad that I am not invested in it like some of my friends are. There are many other free alternatives, probably not as good as Evernote has been. But I was someone who recommended Evernote to others. Now? Not so much. I had my Evernote account connected to all my devices. Now, I deleted all but two. I rarely ever used it as it was, and now I guess I'll go straight to OneNote. It's pretty good too! But I am always disappointed when these software companies get people so rooted into their ecosystem and then start charging for features they have advertised as free to draw all those users. I hated to be cynical, but that was my thought all along and why I didn't want to put all my eggs into Evernote's basket. I am sure a lot of loyal users will be upset at my comment and I get it it. I have been a leech who hardly ever drew any blood. But I'll bet all of you have other software that you like but rarely use and thus don't pay for it (and so have it solely because it's free in the first place). This decision has certainly taken much of the shine off of Evernote and may actually be the first step to it's departure for the next great (and absolutely free) thing! 

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