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Overwritten note on Android with an earlier version from PC

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I was being careless where I didn't make sure the notes on my Android tablet was properly synced before opening evernote on my PC. So the PC version managed to finish syncing before the android. I'm not a premium user. I would upgrade but I believe the version on my android device was never made to cloud so I'm not sure if the premium service could help. I have also checked the evernote folder in my android data folder but it seems empty. I'm using SONY Z4 tablet btw. Is there anything I can do to retrieve this note? Thanx!

UPDATE: just upgraded to premium. The history versions are too old for me just as I thought...  I have checked .\Xperia Z4 Tablet\Internal Storage\Android\data\com.evernote\files\, I didn't see a folder named after my username as mentioned by some threads. The Tmep folder is empty too... Anything else I can try? Thank you very much for your time. Any help appropriated.. 

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