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Stop displaying encrypted text

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After you encrypt the text, you can view the text by entering the password. However, in order to not show the encrypted text, I will have to close the window if the Note is opened in a separate window, or click on another note if the Note is in the main window.

To be able to stop displaying the encrypted text, especially by using a keyboard shortcut, will be very useful. E.g., if I am working on something sensitive and someone comes to talk to me, I can choose to stop showing, until the person goes away and then continue working.

Another shortcut to globally stop showing all encrypted text will be also useful, if I have multiple sensitive Notes present, and needs to let someone use my computer for a while. 

I think when stop showing encrypted text on current window is activated, it should not require re-entry of password to show the text again. ie., the short cut can be a quick on/off toggle.

When stop showing encrypted text globally, it is more of an emergency shut without exiting Evernote, so all Notes should require entry of password again to view encrypted text.

Hope this feature can be implemented.

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