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Bug + Feature Modification + Feature Requests

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Bug:  A newly created local notebook is not created created in the currently selected stack.  The preferred result is to create new notebooks in/under the currently active stack (as are synched notebooks), not at the top level where they'll need to be moved under the desired stack.

Feature Modification:  The notebook {color picker} under right-click [Style...] doesn't offer the color black for local notebooks; this seems odd.  Additionally, provide a selection of dark colors in addition to the pastel colors that look washed out (lack contrast) against light background colors.

Feature Request:  Provide consolidated [Options] for default local notebooks attributes, default public notebooks, as well as stacks colors and fonts.

Feature Request:  Provide a convenience feature that converts shared notebooks to local notebooks and vice-versa.

Feature Request:  Allow notebooks to have default notebook-specific tags associated with every new note for that notebook.

Feature Request:  Bring back the "entire note thumbnail" view in the Note List pane--either for all notes or for selected notes.  The "centroid/best guess" view of notes in the note list is SO frustrating.

Feature Request:  Restore the right-click context menu option for "Create Local Notebook in ...".

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