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Was just about to purchase premium and then...

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Hello, today for the first time I discovered Evernote and I was excited so much because this app is so useful to me. I downloaded it on my phone and on my computer immediately. I planned how I'm going use it in my new startup to share goals and information between our team members. I was intended to buy the premium version to enjoy all of the great features in your app. But then I started to write notes for myself and I realized something that eliminated all my excitement - The RTL support.

Now, I'm writing in Hebrew and so all of my team, and it's so uncomfortable to use Evernote like this (especially on my phone but it's impossible also on the computer). But I said: "Ok, probably there is an update / an external add-on for this." But then I realized that not only there isn't a solution for this, but also people here are asking this since 2011! and you are ignoring this problem since then. Now I can't even describe how much disappointed I am. I wish it would not happen because Evernote is so powerful. 

Now I can't even think about reasons you are lacking this feature despite all of the request from your client (since 2011) - because it's so small tweak. After a quick research, I  found out that a lot of people left Evernote just because of this lacking, you can find some reviews on google. I really can't figure it out, maybe you have something against Israel? I don't know, but please I want a proper answer from one of you team. 

So for now our team began to use OneNote. Again I'm so disappointed and a bit angry. I wish you would do something about it, or at least to get a proper answer here about this situation.

Thank you,


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