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Please tell your software people to STOP - STOP - STOP making it more difficult to do things
please restore the function where it should be - part of the search bar - saving a new search has NOTHING to do with ''File'' a simple right click on the search bar - so simple! (and for Saved Searches)
the Saved Searches with Magnifying Glass  ( right down left-hand side bar next to Trash)
which I EVENTUALLY found a long way from the search bar!  - was way down off screen because as is usual I had my Notebooks and Tags showing !!!
What are your guys smoking ? - Evernote is starting to become like other software - forever meddling with functions and moving them to some stupid place - stupid because it is not intuitive.
I love Evernote but it's going downhill!   because of continual meddling and almost hiding functions from users.

OH!       I just ACCIDENTALLY discovered if you Right Click just below the search bar in the BLANK area between ''Viewing notes in'' ..  and ''click to Add tag''  (Red area in attached Image) you get a ''Save Search'' popup - Now who would expect to click there to do that ? Please make it a right click IN the search notes area !!

Evernote Searchbar.JPG

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