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'not response' problem in Evernote for Windows version

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Suggestion from Windows Evernote user(I have used Evernote for 3 years)

I think Evernote for Windows version is too slow and has too many ‘not response’ messages.

Especially when I type certain keyword in search box to find some documents, it consumes too many times, and encountering ‘not response’ problem.

Although my computer has 12GB DRAM memory and Samsung SSD Drive with Intel Pentium 2.8ghz processor, it is virtually impossible to use Search functions in Evernote for windows version.

I think that the main reason for this problem is Evernote is trying to find certain words in jpg images, pdf files, and docx files.

But I don’t need to find certain words in image files or pdf files. So for me, I want to turn off image search functions in Evernote, but there isn’t Off-option.

In next update, please add option that can turn off words on image search or word file search so that users in Windows Evernote can use it more faster and without ‘not response’ messages.
It is easiest way to increase the speed of performance in window Evernote.
(Please send this suggestion to Evernote for Windows development team)

2016-04-30 19;01;44.JPEG

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