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Feature Request: Lock content of note

J. Ayers


A feature I'd really like to see implemented is the ability to lock the content of a note. 

What problem this is solving

I love using EN as a place to store information, but I'm aware that I could accidentally delete a line of text from a note I use as a reference point. Being able to lock a note would make sure I don't make any accidental edits. It would give more of a sense of 'permanence' to these touchstone notes. 


A right click on the note in the sidebar would give an option to lock the note. A padlock icon would appear next to the notes title indicating that note has been locked. When the note is clicked on the usual edit tools would not be available. There would however be a button at the top to unlock which, when pressed, would prompt you to confirm the unlock. 

When you try to delete a 'locked' note a warning would appear. This warning would ask if you want to delete the 'locked' note. This would avoid instances where notes are accidentally deleted in batches. 

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