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Using Evernote for Windows on small 2-in-1 :database stored on micro-SD card

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Hi,  I've been using Evernote for a very long time, and can't do without it  Recently, for working on the train during my commute, I bought a Linx 1010 2-in-1.  It's a surprisingly capable machine, but (like all of these things), it's incredibly light on storage - 32Gb.

To mitigate this, I've added a class 10 64Gb SD card extra capacity, which is serving me well in most regards, Windows 10 even allows me to install some apps to it.  I thought it would be a smart move, when installing Evernote desktop , to put the database on the SD card.

However, I noticed that it took a long time to sync all my notes, and now whenever I try to create a new note, I can't get more than 50 characters in without being told the app is 'Not Responding'.  My best guess is that this is an SD card related issue, I've seen similar issues when attempting to download steam games to the SD card (Hey!  it's not ALL work!), but before having to find 700Mb on my onboard storage, I thought I'd check here to see if anybody had encountered and solved this before...

Thanks in advance for any advice.





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