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Settings to Make Presentation Mode Better

Marc Schelske



I LOVE!!! presentation mode. I'm a public speaker, and Evernote has become my personal teleprompter. It's amazing. Thank you so much.

I have one teeny tiny feature request.

Right now, presentation mode does not save settings or state. So, when I practice I go through a few steps: 

  1. I click presentation mode on.
  2. The presentation is often at some random spot, not the beginning, so I scroll back.
  3. Then I set the font size. control-F, control-F, control-F.
  4. Then I click the side bar and "convert horizontal rules to slide breaks."
  5. Finally, I'm ready to go.

It would be *SO AMAZING* if I could set all of these up before hand, and the next time I open presentation mode for that same presentation, all these settings ARE THE SAME AS LAST TIME!

Presently, when I get up to speak, I've got two options. Pre-set my computer with the above steps, so everything is ready, and then just leave it on stage, partially open, so things don't shut down. That's not always an option for me. The other choice is that I have this awkward transition where I'm opening my computer, doing all the above steps, and then starting. It's a terrible intro.

So, please-I beg you-allow some kind of saved state or controllable default for presentation mode.

Thanks much!

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