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Expired email on Evernote account

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I wanted to upgrade to premium but my payment details are being assigned to an expired email address.

Could someone at Evernote get in touch to explain how to remove defunct email addresses off the account.

I'v spent countless hours trying to do it from the account but with a defunct email it's obviously impossible to confirm actions!

Andrew Jackson


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My customer service experience with Evernote has been underwhelming, to say the least. When I attempted to upgrade to Business, it wouldn't accept my personal email address.  So I contacted support. I was then contacted via email by sales who requested that I set up a meeting for them to call me, which I did (this process took 3 days). On my call, the sales rep assured me the issue was fixed, no problem, and that I would be able to upgrade.  It was not-same issue, the upgrade wouldn't accept my email.  For 3 weeks since, I have been attempting to get this resolved.  I emailed the sales rep 3 times, called and left a voicemail, re-sent a request through the online business sales group (no response this time), and even reached out to (2) employees in customer satisfaction and tech experience on LinkedIn. Today, as a last chance, I submitted a trouble ticket and received a reply email in which I was told could be up to 10-12+ days average wait time.  TO UPGRADE!

I though there must be something wrong here.  A quick glance at online reviews reveals a bug-ridden product, lacking in security, poor technical service, and a growing drumbeat of really upset customers. 

Good thing for me, my annual subscription expires on 12/10.  I backed up my notes and canceled service as I am unable to wait another 3 weeks for just a response to a (likely) simple issue.

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