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Email to evernote problem

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off to a great start - thought I would give evernote a try.

setup, created some notes - ok. Then didn't use it for a year because it was too cumbersome.

now I thought i'd try again - surely there'd be some gmail integration... No, but there is email to evernote... 

So i thought I would try that... First email ever sent:

We received your emailed note, but are unable to add it to your account because you have reached your emailed note limit. 

Evernote Basic subscribers can save up to five emails to their Evernote account. To continue using the feature, you must upgrade your Evernote account.

Since when did 5 = 1?

Not really looking for support because i can't be bothered with the product but I wanted evernote to know their User Experience blows!

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