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[bug] Changing font color of selection in list erroneously colors the entire list entry

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I just upgraded to version (277915) Public and noticed a strange behavior that concerns formatting lists (orderer or unordered).

When you select part of a list entry (e.g. the first word) and change its font color, the font color will apply to the whole line now instead of just your selection. This only happens with the font color as far as I can tell. When you change the font weight to bold, for instance, only the selection will become bold but not the rest of the line.

This problem occurs only at the default font size (15 for me).



I'm attaching screenshots for convenience. In the screenshot I mark only the word "sample" red, yet the color is applied to the whole line inadvertently.

  1. create a new empty note
  2. create a list and type a couple of words
  3. select one of the words and change its font color (e.g. to red)
  4. the whole line's text is now colored red, instead of just the selection


current work arounds

  1. Copy the text whose color you want to change to a new line, change the color there and then paste it back into the original list.
  2. change the font size of the list


Any help would be appreciated. :) I use font coloring extensively in lists and I feel very comfortable with my current font size for reading on screen and printing.

Evernote. list font color bug 1.png

Evernote. list font color bug 2.png

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