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Evernote formatting menus

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I love Evernote and use it extensively. One of my frustrations is that the iOS menus are so hard to read. Visibility is so bad that I literally have to guess which item I am selecting. The menu I am talking about has bullet points, numbers, check boxes and indent and outdent. I am always guessing because they are so hard to see. The menu color is black and the item color is dark green, so no contrast means hard to see. Hard to see means hard to use.  The same is true of the text formatting menu where you select underline, bold, italics, etc. The worst menu item are the boxes and indents and outdents. When selecting these, it actually changes the document, so if you make mistakes you need to undo them.

A second problem related to the check boxes is the location of the cursor. Many times I try to place the cursor right after the check box, which is quite tricky. Sometimes you can only place the cursor to the left of the box (which makes no sense to me, since I always start my list with a box and put text after it). If by miracle, I can get the cursor after the check box, often times when I start to type the text appears to the left of the box (before it instead of after it). I use the check boxes a lot. And it is so frustrating that I usually have to go and sit down on my PC and iMac to fix the bullet lists there. 

I would love these seemingly little usability fixes to enhance my Evernote experience. 

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