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Outlook Multi Select

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Like many, I was frustrated when the ability to multi select emqail items in Outlook went away after an update.

Yesterday I updated to the most current version in large part because the release notes indicate that " Multi-selection in Outlook Clipper is back"

However, not working........

I have even uninstalled and reinstalled - still note working....

Anyone having the same problem?  Or, is it working for anyone?



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Like you, I was incredibly frustrated when the multi-clipping functionality went away.  I haven't kept up on new features as they've come out but every once in a while I just try again (hope never dies!).  Today I happened to test it out and I could now clip two notes.  I'm running 6.06.1769 (I think that's most current) and Outlook 2013 on Windows 7 running on a Microsoft Surface Pro.  I hope it also starts/does work for you now.

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