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Evernote Typographic Issues

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I think there are some typographic features that need to be incorporated into Evernote. Of course it's absurd to expect it to be as versatile as professional composition software, but there are some at-hand composition features that enhance clarity of our notes, especially if we think Presentation mode. I will list the three that I noticed until now. All suggestions are welcome.

  • Hyperlinks’ underline should be the same colour chosen for the characters in a hyperlink text. Current state is that it stays blue (#1f22f0). I’m not sure if this is a convention, but if you can change the colour of your hyperlink text, then it should be applied to the underline too.
  • Possibility to change the presentation mode default fonts, or choose a font for the title that supports extended Latin, such as ć, č and đ.
  • A greater space between bulleted/numbered list items, or the possibility to define space between paragraphs at single carriage return.

Not to forget, there are some cool features as horizontal rule, possibility to insert time and date or to simplify formatting, which are great.

Thank you.

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