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Remove ads form Evernote Plus

Karolis M


Dear Evernote team,

I am using Evernote Plus and I like using your service. But the excessive ads about Evernote Premium are annoying. I suspect that this nagging approach increases sales in short term, but in long run you will loose respect and also clients (including myself). So please step up and respect your customers by placing suggested upgrades sensibly! I attached my favourite example so far

Kind regards,



PS: I know this forum is littered with similar requests, but perhaps nagging will work?

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 23.04.36.png

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I completely agree!  I have always loved Evernote and am beyond offended to see ads popping up as a PAID Premium User.  I have lost a significant amount of respect for Evernote as a result of them forcing ads into my ***PRIVATE!!!*** notes, used for my planning.  I visit my notes to organize my life and be productive, not to feel like I am being distracted *yet again* by another mass marketing tactic, robbing me of my precious brain space.  It's hard enough in this world not to be distracted by media and marketing invasions.  

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