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"Search Evernote" shortcut (Ctrl-Cmd-E) should not switch to different Desktop "space"



I use the multiple desktops feature "Spaces" (in Mission Control) to keep different parts of Mac use separate (work vs. home), aka "Desktop 1" and "Desktop 2". I have an Evernote window open in each Space, i.e. in Desktop 1, I launch Evernote. Then I create a new Evernote window and drag it into Desktop 2.

When I trigger the global "Search Evernote" key (Ctrl-Cmd-E) from Desktop 2, it switches spaces to show me the Evernote window in the other space (Desktop 1). This doesn't happen if I am already in the Evernote window, only if another app is the active window (i.e. Safari or Xcode). It's very disruptive, as the whole point of Spaces is to organize your windows into different contexts.

I think what's happening is that it's jumping me to the space where the "original" Evernote window is open, i.e. the window that was opened when I launched Evernote.

It would be great if Evernote could first look for a window in the current desktop Space, and only switch to a different space if there isn't a window in the current space.


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