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Skitch being discontinued



I have been using Skitch for a long time on my Mac and on my iPhone, and I'm sad to hear that Skitch is being discontinued from the iOS App Store. Before you guys decide to toss it aside, it would be nice if the iOS Safari extension was fixed instead of showing us a white screen with nothing on it. It worked very well before the 3.3.3 update, and it's hard to find a good Safari annotation app on the App Store. Especially one where you don't even have to leave the app. So Evernote, the Skitch team,  and anyone from the company, if you're reading this wether it's late at night, or it's early in the morning, please pass this message on to ensure iOS users can have a good experience with the app before it is gone. Thanks for making this great piece of software, and I hope you all the best. 




P.S. It doesn't make sense why the iOS version is being discontinued, while the others are fine, if this is the case. If it is not, why not just no longer support the app, but keep it on each App Store. That way, everyone is happy. 

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