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Post-it Notes handling

Denis H



I use Post-it camera function from evernote a lot. I found that the way evernote organized it is not good enough.

How about IF there is post-it notes posted to evernote, then show a new icon inside the app interface, for Post-it notes?

As a user who creates a lot of new notes everyday, I think it would be very easy for us to forget what kind of post-it notes we have scanned and put inside our evernote. Because it gets scrolled downward all the time if you created new notes. And at least for me, post-it notes is usually one of the most important things I should do in my life, one of my first priorities.

Secondly, how about making better algorithm for individual post-it notes titles? Everytime I post a new post-it notes, the title would be something from an old reminder I have finished.

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